How Support Works

How Does Support Work?

Whenever you purchase a product from WPExplorer you receive access to support so you can ask questions regarding the theme usage as well as report any bugs or issues with the theme so we can fix them. Every product includes a comment section where you can ask quick questions or report bugs, however, sometimes you may need to seek private support which is what this site is for. Here you can submit private support requests for issues that require a closer look.

How Do “Tickets” Work?

Whenever you submit a ticket it will be forwarded to our HelpScout account which will allow our support team to be able to easily respond to help requests as they are received. You will get an email notification letting you know the ticket was submitted. You can actually reply to that auto response to “update” your ticket (for example if you were able to resolve your issue please reply to let our staff know).

From your perspective “tickets” are just email replies, so there isn’t anywhere you need to log in to view the status or to reply. Once a support agent has reviewed and repplied to your ticket you will receive an email that you can reply back to if needed. This makes things a lot easier and faster so you can recive support in the most efficient manner.

Steps before submitting a ticket

Before you submit a ticket you should try and resolve the issue yourself in order to speed things up. Below are the basic troubleshooting steps to follow.

  1. The very first step is to make sure everything is up to date on your site. If your theme, plugins or WordPress are not all up to date you will be requested to update them before we can help you. Updates are made for a reason – to fix issues. If your products are not up to date then you may be experiencing issues that have already been addressed.
  2. Next, if you still have issues, test using the default WordPress Twenty theme to make sure the issues you are having are related to the WPExplorer theme you are using. If you still have issues even when switching themes, then it isn’t a theme issue and you’ll need to fix the problem on your own
  3. If you still have issues after trying with the default WordPress theme, then you should disable all 3rd party plugins 1 by 1 to see if any of your plugins are breaking things (most tickets opened are resolved by removing incorrectly coded plugins). Be sure to disable any cache plugins when testing because you could be seeing cached issues.