Adding Blog Posts

This theme is so easy to use! If you know how to use WordPress, then you already¬†know how to use the theme ūüėČ

Post Formats

The theme includes support for useful WordPress Post formats. So when you add a new blog post you can select a specific post format depending on the type of post you are adding (standard, video, audio, quote, gallery or status). Many of the post formats feature unique styling.


Post Settings

All the posts also come with some handy post settings that are useful for the various post formats (adding video/audio links) or for changing your layouts (for example if you want a blog post to have a right or left sidebar).

From here, you can also disable blog features such as breadcrumbs, author bio, related posts and featured media on a per post basis.


Note: Adding the video/audio urls for the respective post formats is NOT required, you only have to do this if you want it to display at the top of the post like the featured image. You can choose to insert these into your post content directly if you prefer then use the setting to disable the featured image on the post if needed.

Post Slider

Using the “Gallery” post format you can add a slider to any blog post with ease. Simply select the post format and then use the “Image Gallery” metabox to add your images. Simply click on “Add/Edit Images” and select the images from your media library then click the button on the bottom left to add them to the gallery. You can hold down “command” on a Mac or “control” on Windows to select multiple items. Once added to the Gallery save your post! You can always click on any item in the gallery to drag/drop it to re-order the image as well as hover over it and click the “x” to remove it from the gallery. Have fun!