v5.1.1 - Upcoming Changes

  • Added Setting to the Icon Box element so you can enter a custom character instead of selecting an icon, if you wanted to enter an alphabetic or numerical character.
  • Updated Header Search and WooCommerce cart toggles to have role, aria-label and aria-expanded attributes and ability to close the "popups" using "esc" for accessibility.
  • Updated Method used to remove default WooCommerce css files as the previous method (as suggested by the WooCommerce docs) can actually break some of their 3rd party plugins.
  • Updated Navigation Bar to highlight active category/taxonomy links.
  • Updated WPML Config xml file to include the Post Gallery custom field so it get's copied to duplicated pages as it doesn't seem to show up in the WPML custom fields settings.
  • Updated Added integration for the Max Mega Menu plugin so the theme will automatically disable the mobile menu in the header and hide the menu and mobile menu Customizer settings if the header menu is set to use a Mega Menu from this plugin to slim things down and allow the plugin to work better.
  • Updated The Video Icon image overlay no longer waits for the site to be loaded to display.
  • Fixed Issue with the Total Theme Core plugin not rendering EM units correctly if missing a 0 at the start (aka .5em instead of 0.5em). This fix is live, so you can delete and re-install the plugin for the patch.
  • Fixed Issue with the Total Theme Core "Shortcodes" Editor button causing editor buttons from other plugins to not display (you can delete and re-install the Total Theme Core plugin to get the fix now).
  • Fixed Issue with some border-radius fields in Total builder elements that support border radius shorthand custom input not working as expected.
  • Fixed Issues with the active classname on the Navigation Bar element not being added to the current page when used within a Templatera template.
  • Fixed Issue with the Users Grid "User Roles" Query setting not working.
  • Fixed Section dividers potentially not expanding to the edge of the row/section.
  • Fixed Issues with Gutenberg outline buttons that have custom colors using the theme accent colors for the hover affect.
  • Fixed Issues with Gutenberg columns when set to "alignwide" on the no sidebar post layout.

Dev Notes:

  • Added - "wpex_is_header_menu_custom" filter which can be used to tell the theme if the header menu is a custom output. This is used for integrating with 3rd party menu plugins to prevent the theme from adding it's own mobile menu output and menu Customizer settings.