Total Version 3.6.0 Main Changes & Added Features

Total version 3.6.0 has been under development for a about 2.5 months and we’ve brought a lot of great improvements, optimizations, fixes and new features that we are sure you will love. Below are some of the “bigger” changes. Of course you can always look at the changelog for a full list of edits.

New Demo Importer

A new demo importer will allow you to quickly and easily import the sample data, theme options, widgets and/or sliders from any live demo (you can choose what to import). This demo importer was built specifically for Total.


Custom Post Types UI Full Support & Added Settings

The Custom Post Types UI plugin is a very popular plugin for adding custom post types to your site and a lot of customers have requested additional settings for the Total theme so when they add new post types they can easily alter the layout, sidebar, entry columns…etc. So we’ve gone ahead and added a new section when you create or edit post types so that you can easily alter these things without using filters and hooks in your child theme.


bbPress Improvements & bbPress Demo

We’ve gone through and greatly improved the bbPress experience in the Total theme. This includes new styles for the design to freshen things up, new Customizer settings for selecting your layouts for bbPress sections and some bug fixes with breadcrumbs and titles. We’ve also released a full bbPress demo so you can see what it will look like by default on the site.


VC Text Block Typography Settings

A highly requested feature and greatly needed was typography settings for the default Visual Composer text block. We hoped the Visual Composer plugin developers would include this in an update but it never happened so we’ve added our own settings. This will make it easier to change the font size, color, alignment…etc when using the Text Block module.


New Form Shortcode Module & Form Styles

We’ve added a new Form shortcode module for the Visual Composer that you can use to insert your forms (Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms..etc) with added styling options. This makes it easier when adding forms to rows with different backgrounds.


Shortcode Support in WP Menus

We’ve enabled support for shortcodes by default for the WordPress menus so that you can now use shortcodes for your labels which is a great way of adding icons to your menu such as the example below:


Removed PHP Support for Custom Actions Panel for Security Reasons

For security reasons we have removed the PHP support for the Custom Actions panel. In order to parse the PHP we were using the eval PHP function which is not allowed in ThemeForest themes so we’ve removed it. Plus, it’s always best to have all your PHP functions in a child theme. If you have any issues moving any functions you may have currently in the Custom Actions panel to your child theme please let us know and we can assist or have a look at the documentation guide for hooks which explains how you can use the theme hooks.

New Customizer Settings

We’ve added some new customizer settings that have been requested by customers or we thought would be a useful addition to the theme.

  • Setting for adding padding under the header when the main page header title is set to hidden
  • Background and padding settings for sidebar and footer widget headings
  • Page header title border width
  • Author box design settings (under blog tab)
  • Option to disable slider/gallery output for blog entries
  • bbPress settings tab

Other Optimizations

  • Highly optimized the javascript used in the front-end VC builder for Total modules so the theme no longer adds inline javacript when working in the live builder
  • Moved the inclusion of actions/hooks from the init hook to the ‘after_setup_theme’ hook making it easier for child theme’s to remove default theme template actions without having to hook into init first
  • Default theme headings to use ‘div’ tags instead of h2 tags for SEO reasons and added new section in the Customizer at General > Theme Heading to alter the default theme heading style and tag
  • New configuration class and optimizations to conditionally load the contact form 7 javascript as needed rather then on every page of the site
  • Support for shortcodes in WordPress menus for easier/cleaner addition of icons in your menus
  • Removed Contact Form 7 stylesheet to prevent extra request and added some new styles in main style.css
  • Complete restructure of theme assets (css/js) moved all assets into a new assets folder and added new wpex_asset_url() function for easy loading of theme scripts
  • Optimized the way scripts are loaded for the Gallery Metabox function
  • Updated the WPEX_WooCommerce_Config class to use static functions for easier child theme modifications via remove_action()
  • Slimmer HTML output for various Total custom widgets
  • Moved fontawesome to the main style.css since it’s loaded globally anyway for theme functions this prevents an extra server request
  • Updated the way IE8 and IE9 scripts load to use correct wp_enqueue_style and wp_style_add_data core WP functions instead of hooking into wp_head

Lots more!

These are only a few of the updates, please be sure to check out the full changelog for a list of all the changes for the Total 3.6.0 version.

Full Changelog