Total Version 3.5.3 Released!

We’ve just released version 3.5.3 of the Total WordPress Theme! Below are some of the highlights of this update:

Arabic Translation

We’ve hired a customer to provide us with a full translation of the theme in Arabic and it’s now included with the other .po files in the languages folder.

Testimonial Ratings

You can now assign a rating to your testimonials and display them in the various testimonial modules.


Carousel Arrow Styles & Position

New carousel styles allow you to select between different carousel arrows and positions.


Secondary Image Overlay Style

You can now define a secondary image for your posts/pages and then use the “Overlay Styles” on any Total grid module so when you hover on the image it displays the second one!


New Countdown Module

We added a new Countdown Visual Composer module which was highly requested by customers. See some live demos here. You can easily define your date, change the font family, color, size, letter spacing, alignment, etc. This module can be added anywhere with the Visual Composer and is especially useful for your coming soon or under construction page and for events like weddings.


New Category Carousel Module

The new Visual Composer carousel module allows you to display categories (or any taxonomy terms) in a carousel. This module has the same settings as the Categories Grid module but it’s a carousel. The example below shows one possibility with the Title set to “overlay” on top of the image but you can also display the title under the image and the term description.


New Testimonials Carousel Module

Another highly requested module! The Testimonials carousel is the same design as the Testimonials Grid Visual Composer module which has been around for a long time now, but it’s a carousel. This new module also supports the new testimonial ratings feature.


Advanced Grid Filter via Navigation Bar Module

You can now create a javascript filter for your Total grid modules via Appearance > Customize then use the Navigation Bar Visual Composer module to display your menu and sort the items in the selected grid.

And other Great Stuff!

Be sure to check out the full changelog for a list of all the updates made in version 3.5.3 of the Total WordPress Theme. We’ve made some some fixes, optimizations and some other smaller additions you are sure to like!