Snippets: Conditionally Enable or Disable Single Blog “Sections/Blocks”

 * Using the filter "wpex_blog_single_layout_blocks" you can enable/disable blocks from the front-end
 * on single blog posts
 * Default block ID's: featured_media, title, meta, post_series, the_content, post_tags, social_share, author_bio, related_posts_comments
 * @link
function my_blog_single_blocks( $blocks ) {

    // Remove related items for all items except those in category "news"
    if ( ! in_category( 'news' ) ) {
        unset( $blocks['related'] );

    // Return blocks
    return $blocks;

add_filter( 'wpex_blog_single_layout_blocks', 'my_blog_single_blocks' );

Snippet Type: PHP

Posted Under: Blog

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