Snippets: Alter The Next/Previous Links Text

By default the next and previous links in the Total theme display the title of the next/previous post. You can easily change this to your own custom text if you want via your child theme.

// Change next text
function myprefix_wpex_next_post_link_title() {
	return 'Next';
add_action( 'wpex_next_post_link_title', 'myprefix_wpex_next_post_link_title' );

// Change prev text
function myprefix_wpex_prev_post_link_title() {
	return 'Previous';
add_action( 'wpex_prev_post_link_title', 'myprefix_wpex_prev_post_link_title' );

Snippet Type: PHP

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All PHP snippets should be added via a child theme's functions.php file.