Snippets: How to Add New Social Share Options

// This will add a new Whatsapp button to the social share, be sure to log into the Customizer to enable it
add_filter( 'wpex_social_share_items', function ( $items ) {
	$items['whatsapp'] = array(
		'site'       => 'Whatsapp',
		'label'      => 'Whatsapp',
		'li_class'   => 'whatsapp',
		'icon_class' => 'ticon ticon-whatsapp', // to use a theme icon (use "icon" parameter instead to define a custom icon via either an img tag or span)
		'href'       => '' . rawurlencode( get_permalink() ),
	return $items;
} );

You can add the following custom CSS to your site to give it a background color when using the Flat social option
Note how we are targeting the classname defined above for the li_class parameter li.whatsapp a {
    background: #25d366;
} */
All PHP snippets should be added via a child theme's functions.php file or via the Code Snippets Plugin (or alternative plugin)