Snippets: Add Fonts to The Total VC “Heading” Module

Important: You can now register your own fonts right via the WP admin via the exclusive Total theme Font Manager.

// Add New Fonts
function my_vcex_google_fonts_array( $array ) {
    $array['My Custom Font Name'] = 'My Custom Font Name';
    return $array;
add_filter( 'vcex_google_fonts_array', 'my_vcex_google_fonts_array' );

// Override all fonts
function my_vcex_google_fonts_array() {
    return array(
        'My Custom Font Name 1' => 'My Custom Font Name 1',
        'My Custom Font Name 2' => 'My Custom Font Name 2',
        'My Custom Font Name 3' => 'My Custom Font Name 3',
add_filter( 'vcex_google_fonts_array', 'my_vcex_google_fonts_array' );
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