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Hook Return Usage
wpex_custom_menu varied

Returns the ID of a custom menu to be used for the header menu. Accepts a menu ID, slug, name, or object.

wpex_has_menu_search bool

Checks if the menu search functionality can be enabled for the header. Note: if the search style is set to disabled this filter will not override.

wpex_menu_search_style string

Returns the menu search style. Accepts disabled, drop_down, overlay or header_replace.

wpex_get_header_menu_search_form string

Returns the search form to be used for the header. Default is get_search_form() or get_product_search_form().

wpex_get_header_menu_search_form_placeholder string

Returns the placeholder text to be used for the header menu search form.

wpex_menu_search_icon_theme_locations array

Returns an array of menus that support the header search icon functionality. Default is “main_menu”.

wpex_add_search_toggle_ubermenu_classes bool

Check if the theme should add the UberMenu specific classes to the header menu search toggle link when UberMenu is enabled.

wpex_header_search_text string

Returns the text added to the header menu search link toggle. This text is hidden by default as it’s primarily used for screen readers.

wpex_header_menu_search_position string

Returns the correct position for the header menu search icon link. Accepts start or end. Default is “end”.

wpex_header_menu_dropdown_style string

Returns the dropdown style to be used for the header menu dropdowns which get’s added to the #site-header element in the format “wpex-dropdown-style-{style_name}”.

wpex_get_header_drop_widget_class array

Returns an array of classnames to be added to header menu dropdown “widgets” such as the dropdown search and WooCommerce cart dropdown elements.

wpex_header_menu_mobile_style string

Returns the header mobile menu style. Accepts sidr, toggle, full_screen or disabled. Default is “sidr”.

wpex_has_header_menu_mobile bool

Check if the header menu has a mobile menu version. If you are using a custom header you could potentially set this filter to __return_true so that the theme inserts the mobile menu code onto the page and then you can make use of it via a custom toggle button with the classname “mobile-menu-toggle”.

wpex_has_mobile_menu_alt bool

Check if the mobile menu is using a custom menu for the mobile menu and it’s not empty.

wpex_mobile_menu_toggle_class array

Returns array of classnames for the header menu mobile menu toggle element.

wpex_mobile_menu_toggle_style string

Returns the name of the mobile menu toggle style to be used. Accepts icon_buttons, icon_buttons_under_logo, navbar, fixed_top, custom.

wpex_header_menu_mobile_breakpoint int

Returns a numerical value for the mobile menu breakpoint, which is the screen width at which the main header menu becomes hidden and the mobile menu toggle becomes visible.

wpex_mobile_menu_source array

Returns an array of element classnames or ID’s to be appended to the Sidebar style mobile menu.

wpex_mobile_menu_open_button_text string

Returns the “text” to be used for the mobile menu hamburger icon. By default it returns the hamburger icon only.

wpex_mobile_menu_toggle_icon string

Returns the HTML to be used for the mobile menu hamburger toggle icon. By default this includes the link, screen reader text and icon.

wpex_header_menu_mobile_toggle_icons string

Returns the HTML to be added to the mobile menu toggle area next to the hamburger icons. By default it displays the Mobile menu icons menu.

wpex_get_site_layouts array

Returns the array of site layout choices.

wpex_get_accent_colors array

Returns array of accent color choices.

wpex_header_styles array

Returns array of header style choices.

wpex_get_header_styles_with_sticky_support array

Returns array of header styles that support the sticky header functionality.

wpex_get_header_styles_with_aside_support array

Returns array of header styles that support the aside content element.

wpex_page_header_styles array

Returns an array of choices for the page header styles.

wpex_get_theme_heading_styles array

Returns array of theme heading styles.

wpex_get_header_menu_dropdown_styles array

Returns array of header menu dropdown style choices.

wpex_get_form_styles array

Returns array of theme form styles which is used in the Form Shortcode element.

wpex_carousel_arrow_positions array

Returns array of carousel arrow positions.

wpex_carousel_arrow_styles array

Returns array of carousel arrow styles.

wpex_get_post_layouts array

Returns array of post layout options (right-sidebar, left-sidebar, full-width, full-screen) used for the Customizer and Theme Settings meta options.

wpex_header_overlay_styles array

Returns array of header overlay styles (white, light, dark or core).

wpex_get_mobile_menu_styles array

Returns array of mobile menu style choices ( sidr, toggle, full_screen or disabled).

wpex_get_user_social_profile_settings_array array

Returns array for user profile links. Used for author boxes.

wpex_social_profile_options_list array

Returns an array of social profiles with defined labels and icons. This array is used for Social widgets and builder elements. So if you wanted to add new social options you would hook into this filter, example snippet.

wpex_topbar_social_options array

Returns array of social options for use with the Top Bar social.

wpex_dashicons_array array

Returns an array of Dashicons for use with settings where you can select a dashboard icon such as the Portfolio, Staff and Testimonials settings screen.

wpex_grid_columns array

Returns an array of allowed grid columns used in various Customizer and builder element settings.