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Hook Return Usage
wpex_image_resize_retina bool

Whether retina resizing should be enabled or not.

wpex_has_breadcrumbs bool

Return true to display breadcrumbs.

wpex_breadcrumbs_shop_title string

Returns the title for the WooCommerce shop.

wpex_taxonomy_testimonials_category_args args

Arguments passed for the testimonials category register_taxonomy function.

wpex_image_sizes array

Array of image sizes defined by the theme that are used to create the Image Sizes dashboard and register them with WP.

wpex_blog_single_media_position string

Returns correct position for your blog post media.

wpex_custom_widgets array

Array of custom widgets added by the theme. Should be used only to remove widgets you don’t want.

wpex_customizer_panels array

Array of panels added to the Customizer.

wpex_typography_settings array

Array of typography settings. Can be used to remove or add settings.

wpex_woo_outofstock_text string

Used to alter the out of stock text for WooCommerce products.

wpex_mce_font_formats_array array

Adds font options to the TinyMCE editor.

wpex_shop_single_slider_data array

Returns the data attributes for the single product slider

wpex_get_sidebar_template string

Returns correct template file name for your sidebar-NAME.php file

wpex_google_fonts_array array

Returns array of Google fonts used for the Customizer Typography sections.

wpex_has_next_prev bool

Whether a post should display the next/previous links.

wpex_post_author_bio_data array

Use to alter the default author bio avatar, description, name, etc.

wpex_page_header_title_args array

Returns an array for the page header title arguments – html_tag, string, schema_markup

wpex_get_schema_markup string

Returns correct schema markup for specific theme locations.

wpex_vc_css_ids array

Returns an array of post/page ID’s that will be checked for WPbakery custom CSS and if CSS is found that CSS will be loaded for all pages.

wpex_{post_type}_single_thumbnail_args array

Returns correct arguments for the single post thumbnail for any custom post type using the theme’s cpt-single-media.php template file

wpex_{post_type}_single_blocks array

Returns correct layout for the single post type display.

wpex_{post_type}_single_thumbnail_args array

Returns arguments for the entry post thumbnail for any custom post type using the theme’s cpt-entry-media.php template file

wpex_{post_type}_entry_overlay_style string

Returns the overlay style for the custom post type entry thumbnail.

wpex_{post_type}_entry_excerpt_length string

Returns the excerpt length for the post type entry. Default is 40.

wpex_custom_breadcrumbs var

Used to override the default breadcrumbs, must return a variable/function.

wpex_template_parts array

Array of template part locations for main template parts (togglebar, topbar, header, logo, header aside, menu, page title, callout, footer…etc)

wpex_footer_builder_page_id intval

Used to alter the footer builder page ID to conditionally display various footers using the “footer builder” function

wpex_custom_social_share string

Used to return a custom social share shortcode or HTML.

wpex_custom_breadcrumbs var

Used to return a custom breadcrumbs output or shortcode.

vcex_filter_taxonomy var

Returns the taxonomy for the grid category filter via a child theme.

wpex_get_tribe_event_date var

Used to alter the default tribe events date for Total Visual Composer modules that display it.

wpex_google_font_enqueue_weights array

Returns array of font-weights to be used for the enqueued Google fonts by the theme.

wpex_google_font_enqueue_italics bool

Returns true/false if you want to load italic versions of the Google fonts on your site.

vcex_grid_query array

Used to tweak the Post Types Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid, Blog Grid or Testimonials Grid query arguments.

wpex_dashboard_thumbnails bool

Used to enable/disable the thumbnail display in the WP dashboard.

wpex_oembed_responsive_hosts array

Array of oEmbed websites that should receive the Total theme’s responsive wrapper added to them.

wpex_header_overlay_styles array

Returns array of the Overlay Header styles available in the page settings metabox.

vcex_grid_default_title_tag string

Allows you to tweak the default title tag (h2, h3, h4, etc) for the Post Types Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid and Testimonials Grid.

wpex_has_topbar bool

Check’s whether the Topbar should display or not.

wpex_top_bar_style string

Returns the topbar “style” (one, two, three). Default is one.