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Hook Return Usage
wpex_meta_sections $array

Returns the array of meta sections to display (date, author, categories, comments).

wpex_testimonials_args array

Main arguments for the register_post_type function for the Testimonials post type.

wpex_blog_post_related_query_args array

Arguments for the related blog items query.

wpex_single_blog_post_blocks array

Blocks to display for your single standard post.

wpex_recommended_plugins array

Array of recommended plugins for the TGMPA activation script.

wpex_post_layout_class string

Filter used to alter the layout on any post, page or archive. Return values should be: left-sidebar, right-sidebar, full-width or full-screen.

wpex_lightbox_skin string

Alters the active iLightbox skin class.

wpex_main_metaboxes_post_types array

Used to filter the post types to which the “Page Settings” metabox should be added to.

wpex_taxonomy_post_series_args array

Arguments for the post series query.

wpex_social_share_heading string

Used to alter the heading for the social sharing heading when in Horizontal mode.

wpex_edit_visual_composer bool

Check to see if the Total theme should make edits to the WPBakery plugin. Default is true.

wpex_login_logo_link string

Alters the link on the logo for the WordPress login page.

wpex_get_awesome_icons array

Array of FontAwesome icons.

wpex_callout_enabled bool

Conditional check to display the footer callout.

wpex_next_prev_in_same_term bool

Whether next/previous links should display posts from the same term.

wpex_has_fixed_header bool

Whether the header should be fixed on scroll or not.

wpex_excerpt_args array

Filters default arguments for the wpex_get_excerpt function

wpex_toggle_bar_content_id integer

Filters the ID for the toggle_bar content.

wpex_toggle_bar_active bool

Whether the toggle bar is active or not.

wpex_search_thumbnail_args array

Filters the arguments for the search entry thumbnail.

wpex_has_social_share bool

Whether the social sharing should display or not.

wpex_social_share_position string

Filters the position for your social sharing links.

wpex_top_bar_content string

Filters the top bar content which is defined by default in the customizer.

wpex_blog_style string

Filters the blog entry style default is “large-image-entry-style”.

wpex_testimonials_wrap_classes array

Filters the classes of the testimonials entry wrapper.

wpex_search_in_menu bool

Whether to display the search icon in the menu or not.

wpex_header_search_style string

Filters the header style. Default is “one”.

wpex_post_readmore_link_text string

Filters the text for the blog entry read more button.

wpex_related_blog_posts_columns integer

Filters the default columns (3) for the related blog posts.

wpex_shop_catalog_slider_data array

Used to alter the parameters of the WooCommerce slider.

wpex_post_series_query_args bool

Used to alter the post series query arguments.

wpex_get_portfolio_entry_thumbnail_args bool

Used to alter the portfolio entry thumbnail arguments.

wpex_get_staff_post_thumbnail_args array

Used to alter the staff post thumbnail arguments.

wpex_get_portfolio_post_thumbnail_args array

Used to alter the portfolio post thumbnail arguments.

vcex_icon_box_styles array

Used to remove, add or change “Icon Box” selection.

wpex_overlay_styles_array array

Used to add/remove/tweak the “Overlay Styles” available in the theme.

vcex_builder_modules array

Array of custom WPBakery shortcodes added by the Total theme can be used to remove any you don’t want.

wpex_menu_cart_icon_html string

Can be used to alter the HTML for the default cart icon in the main menu.

wpex_gallery_metabox_post_types array

Array of post types that should have the “Gallery Metabox” in the admin.

wpex_taxonomy_portfolio_tag_args array

Arguments passed for the portfolio tag taxonomy.