Hooks: WPBakery

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Hook Return Usage
wpex_edit_visual_composer bool

Check to see if the Total theme should make edits to the WPBakery plugin. Default is true.

vcex_icon_box_styles array

Used to remove, add or change “Icon Box” selection.

vcex_builder_modules array

Array of custom WPBakery shortcodes added by the Total theme can be used to remove any you don’t want.

wpex_vc_css_ids array

Returns an array of post/page ID’s that will be checked for WPbakery custom CSS and if CSS is found that CSS will be loaded for all pages.

vcex_filter_taxonomy var

Returns the taxonomy for the grid category filter via a child theme.

vcex_grid_query array

Used to tweak the Post Types Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid, Blog Grid or Testimonials Grid query arguments.

vcex_grid_default_title_tag string

Allows you to tweak the default title tag (h2, h3, h4, etc) for the Post Types Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid and Testimonials Grid.

wpex_typography_styles array

Returns an array of typography styles used in the WPBakery row/column Typography setting (light, white, white-shadow, black, none).

wpex_button_colors array

Returns an array of button colors for various Total shortcodes where you can select a preset button color.

wpex_font_weights array

Returns an array of font weight choices for use with various theme shortcodes.