Hooks: Blog

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Hook Return Usage
wpex_author_bio_avatar_size integer

Alters the default avatar size used in the author bio section for your single blog posts.

wpex_blog_entry_author_avatar_size integer

Alters the default avatar size for the blog entry avatars when enabled.

wpex_meta_sections $array

Returns the array of meta sections to display (date, author, categories, comments).

wpex_blog_post_related_query_args array

Arguments for the related blog items query.

wpex_single_blog_post_blocks array

Blocks to display for your single standard post.

wpex_blog_style string

Filters the blog entry style default is “large-image-entry-style”.

wpex_post_readmore_link_text string

Filters the text for the blog entry read more button.

wpex_related_blog_posts_columns integer

Filters the default columns (3) for the related blog posts.

wpex_post_series_query_args bool

Used to alter the post series query arguments.

wpex_blog_single_media_position string

Returns correct position for your blog post media.

wpex_post_author_bio_data array

Use to alter the default author bio avatar, description, name, etc.