Card Function (wpex_card) Arguments

Here you can find a list of arguments that can be passed onto the wpex_card function when displaying theme cards in custom loops or when creating custom cards.

Parameters List

Parameter Type Description
style string Your card style.
post_id int The post being displayed.
allowed_media array List of allowed media: thumbnail, video, audio, gallery.
thumbnail_id int The post thumbnail ID to use for the get_thumbnail method.
thumbnail_size string/array Accepts any registered image size name, or an array of width, height, crop values in pixels (in that order).
thumbnail_filter string Image filter (grayscale, sepia, contrast-150, saturate-2)
thumbnail_hover string Image hover (opacity,opacity-invert, shrink, grow, side-pan, vertical-pan, tilt, blurr, blurr-invert, sepia, fade-out, fade-in, grayscale, grascale-invert).
thumbnail_overlay_style string Overlay style name @see wpex_overlay_styles_array() at Total/framework/functions/overlays.
title_tag string HTML tag used for the title (h2, h3. h4, h5, h6, div, span).
excerpt_length int Excerpt length in words.
excerpt string Custom excerpt output if not wanting to use the themes excerpt function.
more_link_text string Text used for any “more” links.
more_link_aria_label string Text used for any “more” link aria-label attribute.
date string Custom date output.
author string Custom author name output.
icon html Custom Icon to be used for Icon style cards.
avatar html Custom author avatar output
rating html Custom rating output.
is_on_sale html Custom onsale output.
price html Custom price output.
css_animation string WPBakery CSS animation classname.
el_class string Any custom classes to add to the card output.
featured boolean Is this a featured card?
breakpoint string Used for cards that have different mobile looks (such cards that go from left/right to top/bottom) – use the theme’s utility breakpoints (sm, md, lg, xl)
modal_content html Custom output for popup link modal windows.
modal_title string Custom test for the popup link modal window title.
url string The URL to be used for the card links.
link_type string Link type for the card.
link_title string Link title attribute value.
link_target string Link target attribute value.
link_rel string Link rel attribute value.
link_data string/array Link data attributes
lightbox_url string Custom URL to use for the card.
lightbox_type string Lightbox type (video, gallery, thumbnail, modal).
post_video string Post video oEmbed URL.

Sample Usage

These arguments can be passed to the card function like such:

// Query posts.
$args = array();
$the_query = new WP_Query( $args );

// The Loop
if ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {
   while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) {


        // Card arguments.
        $card_args = array(
            'style' => 'blog_1',
            'post_id' => get_the_ID(),

        // Display post card.
        wpex_card( $card_args );

    echo '</ul>';
} else {
    // no posts found

The example shows how you would pass your arguments to the wpex_card function when used inside a custom loop. You can also define arguments at the top of a custom card design so that they will apply in all loops like such:

 * Card: My custom Card

defined( 'ABSPATH' ) || exit;

// Custom arguments.
$this->args['thumbnail_size'] = array( '400', '500', true );

// Card output.
$output = '';

$output .= $this->get_media( array(
	'class' => 'wpex-mb-20',
) );

$output .= $this->get_title( array(
	'class' => 'wpex-heading wpex-text-lg wpex-mb-10',
) );

return $output;
When defining arguments in your card output it will override any theme settings. So for example, if you define a thumbnail_size in your card you won't be able to alter the thumbnail size when using the Post Cards module because you've hard-coded it.