Total Theme Cards

Since Total version 5.0 there is a functionality in the theme named “Cards” which is a way of overriding the default theme display for entries on the blog, portfolio, testimonials, search, related items or any custom post type or taxonomy. You can choose from many preset designs for your entry designs.

The main purpose of the cards functionality is to have preset designs without any added bloat and there are tons of styles to choose from. So you won’t find unique settings to customize every single design. But you can always customize the default cards with some CSS, create custom cards in your child theme or even requests new cards if you think they would make a good addition to the theme.

Using Theme Cards

To get started using card simply go to the Customizer and select a section you want to modify such as the Blog then select the Archives tab to access the archive settings. Here you will find a “Card Style” setting which you can use to select the card design.

WPBakery “Post Cards” Module/Shortcode

The Post Cards module is an advanced page builder module that can be used to display posts from any post type with your desired card style. Simply insert the module, select your card style and then tweak the rest of the settings to your liking.

The Post Cards module will allow yo to display cards as a grid, list or even carousel.

“Post Cards” Featured Card

Head over to the “Featured” tab when using the Post Cards module if you wish to display your first entry at the top and with it’s own unique card style so you can create awesome layouts like the following:

You will want to play around with the settings and test out all card styles. For example you may want a card style with a large image at the top for the featured card but then list style cards below (great for archives that have a sidebar) like such:

All the card styles are built using an API and CSS utility classes and so adding new cards won’t ever cause additional bloat. If you would like to see a new card style added to the theme feel free to suggest it in the comments section (on ThemeForest) for consideration.

Using Theme Cards for Icon Boxes/Features/Services

The theme cards functionality is great for displaying Icon Boxes, features or services if displaying a moderate/large amount. This will make managing the items easier and the design will be controlled from a single place making it easier to manage design-wise.

First make sure to install the Post Types Unlimited plugin for adding custom post types to your site so you can register your custom post type.

Now you can add your items (in this case we called them services).

Important: If you do NOT want your cards to link to their post and to disable the single posts completely so you can use the post type for “cards” only make sure to uncheck the “Publicly Queryable” setting.

Now that you’ve added your items you can display them on any page with the Post Cards module:

Developer Docs (Build Custom Card Styles)

If you are looking to create custom cards in your child theme please have a look at the docs here.