Header Styles

Total includes different Header styles to better fit the needs of your website(s). Simply browser to Appearance -> Customize -> Header to select your header style under the “General” tab.

Note: All header styles can be styled via the Customizer. You can change the header background, padding, menu colors, menu dropdowns, menu borders…etc.

Header Style One

The default header style has the logo on the left and the navigation on the right.


Header Style Two

Header style two has the logo on the left, an “aside content” area on the right and the navigation below.


Header Style Three

Header style three has the logo centered and the navigation below (also centered).

Header Style Four

Header style fourĀ has the logo centered and the navigation aboveĀ (also centered).


Header Style Five

This is a centered logo header style where you have items on the left/right of the logo.


Header Style Six (vertical)

This is a vertical style header that’s on the left side of the screen and can be positioned fixed if wanted so you always see the logo/menu on scroll.