Adding Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

The Total theme doesn’t really include a built-in setting just for Google tracking, it actually includes a better advanced panel for adding code into ANY theme hook plus the wp_head and the wp_footer WordPress hooks. Adding your Google tracking code to your site is easy, please follow the guide below.

1. Locate your tracking code:

Your tracking code is located in Google Analytics under the “Admin” panel. Make sure you are copying the Tracking Code and NOT the user id.


2. Add the code to your site:

You have a couple options for adding the code to your website.

a. Using the Total Custom Actions Panel

You can paste the code into the wp_head custom action field located at Theme Panel > Custom Actions. This will place the tracking code on all your pages in the header tag.

b. Using a Child theme

Alternatively you can use a child theme to add your code to your pages. This can be done by using the snippet below (added to the bottom of your child theme’s functions.php file):

add_action( 'wp_head', function() { ?>
<?php } );

c. Or using a Plugin

There are TONS of plugins out there for adding Google Analytics to your site. Since we don't personally use any we can't recommend any specific one.