Font Manager (Register Custom Fonts)

The Font Manager in the Total WordPress theme is a part of the Total Theme Core plugin which allows you to quickly and easily add or upload custom fonts to your site that you can use in the theme’s Customizer options and builder modules. You can select to define font families that you’ve already loaded via a child theme, load Adobe Fonts (previously known as Typekit), register Google fonts or upload your own custom font files.

The process is pretty straight forward:

  • Go to Theme Panel > Font Manager
  • Click on “Add New Font”
  • Select a Type (Google, Adobe, Custom, ChildTheme/Other)
  • Fill out the details depending on the type selected
Font Manager Screen
Adding a custom font via the Font Manager
Note: When you define your own fonts for use in the FontManager it will remove all the default Google fonts from the theme’s Customizer options and builder modules. This is an optimization to keep your site as fast and optimized as possible, only showing you the options you need. So if you define any fonts under the FontManage but want to continue using a Google font previously selected you can always add this font as well in the Font Manager to make it available for future use.