Change The Top Bar Content (phone number, text, etc)

The Total theme includes a region at the very top of the site called the “Top Bar” where you can literally add ANYTHING you want either via the Customizer text field or by creating a custom page and displaying the page content in this area (or via theme action hooks – for developers). This area by default has a phone number, email and login/logout link on the left and social links on the right. To edit the area simply log into WordPress and go to Appearance > Customize > Top Bar to make your adjustments.


General Section

The general options for the Top Bar:


Content Section

The main content for the Top Bar. Default is a few shortcodes for phone, email, login link.

Important: Notice the “wpex-inline” span tags added around the different “sections” of the top bar content? This class is used to add spacing between items and allow for a more responsive view on mobile. It is recommended that you wrap different parts of your content in the wpex-inline tags yourself when adding your top bar content if you want different text/links spaced out.

Social Section

Options for the Top Bar social icons which will display on the right side by default. You can choose from various styles and even customize the default colors.