Advanced Custom Fields Shortcode

The Visual Composer plugin includes a module for inserting your values added via the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, however, if you need to insert the shortcode manually below is an example usage and the available parameters:

Note: The Visual Composer ACF shortcode is a bit more advanced for something more simple you can consider using their default shortcode as mentioned here.

Sample Usage:

[vc_acf field_group="10743" field_from_10743="field_59c403b3bfa3f" show_label="yes" el_class="extra-class"]


  • field_group: your ACF field group ID
  • field_from_{group_id}: field_ followed by your ACF field ID
  • show_label: yes/no
  • el_class: extra classname to add to the element

Total Custom Field Shortcode

Total also has it’s own very easy to use shortcode which returns the value of any custom field attached to the post.

[cf_value name="custom_field_name"]