Accent Color

Total includes a built-in option that will allow you to quickly change the “accent” color (default is blue)¬†through the theme. Simply go to Appearance > Customize > General Options > Accent Colors to change it via the color picker:


Optimized & Modular

Unlike other themes that just dump a lot of elements into the output of the accent color setting, Total takes it many steps further…With built-in filters elements are only included to the accent elements array when needed. For example if you don’t have the WooCommerce plugin active there is no point in targeting WooCommerce elements so those are added via a filter only when the plugin is active. This also means that you can create a child theme and include your custom¬†elements that should be altered via the Accent color setting. This also means that 3rd party plugins can take advantage and hook into the Total theme so whenever you use their plugin it will automatically use the theme defined accent color.

Adding Your Own Accent Elements!

Total is a very modular theme! I wouldn’t add an accent color setting if you couldn’t extend it yourself to include more elements to be modified via the accent color setting. So when working with a child theme you can easily define new elements to apply the accent color to. These can be backgrounds, borders or text colors. So whenever the setting is altered in the Customizer it will change all the Total theme accent elements and also your custom ones. Have a look at the snippet below:

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