Add New Page Setting for any Theme Filter (custom per-page topbar content)

The Total theme has been developed in a very modular fashion so that any feature you see can be adjusted conditionally via built-in filters and/or action hooks. In some cases you may want to alter a specific theme feature on a per-page basis and while you can use custom code for that, it may not […]

Tutorial: How to Add a Double Sidebar Layout

By default the Total theme doesn’t include a double sidebars layout because it can create conflicts with built-in layout and site width settings. If the theme had the double sidebars layout it would take away from other functionalities the theme currently offers. That said, Total has a lot of great built-in functions that will allow […]

Tutorial: Create A Dynamic Overlay Header with Background

This tutorial will still work, but it’s no longer needed – you can now dynamically set your overlay header via the Customizer and use a WPBakery template for the content behind the header. The Total theme has a cool function that you can enable on any page called “Overlay Header” this will set the header […]

Total WordPress Theme & Envato WordPress Hosting!

Total is now a part of an exclusive service being offered by Envato where you can purchase the theme and get free theme setup, hosting and support for only $19/month! This is an incredible deal. What are the benefits of Total + Envato Hosting? Theme is included with the hosting plan so you don’t have […]