How To Alter Your Image Sizes

To alter your images sizes you will need to go to Appearance > Customize > Image Sizes. Here you will find different panels for the different images (Entries, Related Posts, Homepage Slider) click on the one you wish to edit then you will be able to enter the width and height for each one. Once you choose the sizes you want you’ll need to “regenerate your thumbnails” because WordPress only resizes images as they are uploaded. There are many plugins for this but we recommend one of the following:


Default Sizes Used for The Demo

There really isn’t any “recommended” sizes for your featured images in this theme (or any theme) as it almost always depends on the images you use for your website as well as any layout changes you may have made in the Customizer or via custom tweaks. However if you want to start with the same sizes used in the live demo you can find them below:

  • Featured entry: 740×340 center-center
  • Grid entries: 740×340 center-center
  • Left/Right entries: 500×600 center-center
  • Fullwidth entries: 740×340 center-center
  • Related entries: 500×350 center-center
  • Single post: 740×340 center-center

If you notice we use 740×340 for most images on the site, this is so they will look good on retina and mobile websites by default without any extra tweaks. But also to prevent cropping a lot of different variations of the uploaded images. We value quality more over speed since we already have a very fast server, however, if your concern is speed over quality then you could use smaller values and different values for each section. Also note that there are different options for grid, left/right and fullwidth entry styles – however, on your website you’ll only be using one of those styles so you only need to fill in the one that you are using.