How to Request Support

If you are having any issues with your WPExplorer theme purchased from ThemeForest or have any questions regarding how to use the theme you can contact us for help via 2 methods.

Leave A Comment On ThemeForest

You can receive support by leaving a comment on the item page (go to our ThemeForest portfolio and locate the theme then click on it to visit the page and you’ll see a “comments” tab near the top of the page). Make sure to check the box to receive an email notification when we respond this way you can easily click on the email and view our response. Comments are public, so please do not share any personal information such as login credentials via the comments.

Submit A Private Ticket

You can also submit a private ticket via our site here. Tickets are moderated by the theme developer and support staff. When you submit a ticket you will receive an email confirmation and once our staff has been able to review and respond to your ticket you should receive another email with our response. Tickets are basically done as emails back and forth to keep things easier and so you are notified right away when we’ve replied back without having to log back into our ticket site you can simply reply back to our email response for any further assistance.

Using A Free Theme?

Our Free WordPress themes don’t include 1 on 1 support but you can always submit a bug report via the corresponding Github repository for the theme here to report any issues so we can fix them and update the theme. This method is ONLY for our free themes, if you are using a paid-for theme please use one of the 2 methods noted above to receive help, thank you!