Sample Data Upload

The xml sample data file is located within the Full downloaded zip inside the Sample-Data folder.
Note: If you want the store sample data install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin prior to uploading the sample data to ensure that it imports correctly.

To upload the sample data log into your WordPress website and navigate to Tools > Import.


Click on the WordPress option. If you haven’t already, you will be prompted to install the WordPress Importer free WordPress plugin. Just install it like you would any other plugin, and after you activate it return to this screen.


Then click the Choose File button to select the xml sample data file you would like to upload, and click Upload file and import. Next Your should see the following screen. The importer will give you the option to either import our demo users, or to assign the posts to an existing user on your WordPress site. For each option we recommend that you assign the posts to an existing user (ideally your user account, since you are the one working on the website). If you would like to import the sample images, check the box to Download and import file attachments.



Click submit to import the sample data. Once complete you should see a successful import message.


After Importing Sample Data

There are certain things a WordPress import cannot do, so after uploading sample data:

  • Go to Appearance >Menu to set your menu locations
  • Go to Appearance >Widgets to add your widgets (widgets aren’t included in a WordPress export)
  • Go to the Customizer setup your main theme options