v1.6 - July 24, 2018

  • Updated WooCommerce template files

v1.5 - May 15, 2018

  • Added One click demo import functionality
  • Updated WooCommerce template files
  • Fixed Instagram widget not working

v1.4 - January 16, 2018

  • Added Customizer refresh support for widgets so when editing widgets in the Customizer it only refreshes the active widget not all of them
  • Added Ability to re-order your social widget profiles via the Customizer
  • Fixed Issue with Instagram widget not working
  • Fixed Issue with social widget not saving in the backend widget panel

v1.3.0 - April 11, 2017

  • Added Setting to the Customizer under General Theme Settings > Homepage for adding custom HTML or a slider shortcode to your homepage
  • Added Full support for WooCommerce 3.0+
  • Added Filter To easily override the main featured post ID via a child theme
  • Fixed Issue with Retina logo not working
  • Fixed Target blank not working on Instagram Widget
  • Fixed Styling issues with the account page

v1.2.6 - September 28, 2016

  • Added Text domain tag in style.css
  • Updated Changed the default.po file to noir.pot instead
  • Fixed A couple small theme check nags

v1.2.5 - June 22, 2016

  • Fixed Issues caused with the latest WooCommerce update

v1.2.4 - May 29, 2016

  • Fixed Small bug with the next/previous custom text options

v1.2.3 - 1.2.3

  • AddedOption to disable the post next/previous links
  • AddedOptions to alter the text for the next/previous links

v1.2.2 - May 3, 2016

  • Fixed Bug with the topbar social links not opening in a new tab when the option is enabled

v1.2.1 - May 2, 2016

  • Fixed Bug with the Instagram Footer not working

v1.2.0 - April 17, 2016

  • Added Instagram Footer widget area do to the high request from customers

v1.1.0 - March 12, 2016

  • Added Typography options for the logo subheading
  • Added Font Style options to the typography settings
  • Added Option in the Customizer under General Theme Settings > Homepage to define a custom h1 title for your homepage
  • Added Option in the Customizer for custom homepage entry style and excerpt length
  • Added Option in the Customizer to display next/previous posts from the same category
  • Added Options to hide the date, author or comments from the entry/post meta
  • Added Sticky menu option for desktops
  • Fixed Issue where if entries were set to display the full post but were using the “more” tag it didn’t display the full post

v1.0.5 - March 8, 2016

  • Fixed Bug with the image sizing options for the related posts

v1.0.4 - February 25, 2016

  • Added Option to translate the Facebook widget
  • Fixed issue with Google ads not showing correctly
  • Fixed Issue with Facebook widget share not working

v1.0.3 - February 8, 2016

  • Added Option to disable the theme’s built-in setting to display only posts on search results – Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Search Results
  • Fixed Issue with video embeds not working correctly
  • Fixed Instagram widget not being able to open links in a new tab/window

v1.0.2 - January 24, 2016

  • Added Option to open social links in the topbar in a new tab
  • Added Option to enable/disable the post next and previous links
  • Added Option to enable the blog social share for products – disabled by default
  • Updated WooCommerce Template files
  • Fixed WooCommerce Account Buttons

v1.0.1 - December 6, 2015

  • Fixed Issue with featured image date saying “sometime”
  • Fixed Issue where you couldn’t change the number of related posts

v1.0.0 - November 17, 2015

  • Added Theme released!