Yellow Pencil Plugin Installation & Usage

The Yellow Pencil plugin is a premium plugin available for sale on CodeCanyon that is included for free with the New York WordPress theme. This plugin allows you to easily alter the CSS of the theme via a user-friendly method without actually knowing CSS – simply click on an element and then alter the colors, fonts, margins, paddings…etc.


When you first install the New York theme you will see a notice to install the recommended plugins which includes the Yellow Pencil plugin. So you can click on the correct link to install and activate it. You can also go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install the plugin via this admin screen.

Manual Installation: If you have any errors (usually server related) while trying to install the plugin you can always locate it inside the theme at wpex-new-york/inc/plugins/ so you can then install it either via FTP/SFTP or in your WordPress dashboard at Plugins > Add New.


Once the plugin is installed and active simply browse to Appearance > Yellow Pencil Editor and you can start altering your theme design. Simply click on any element on the site to begin. The plugin is very user-friendly and explanatory so shouldn’t need much instruction. Of course if you have any questions or issues let us know in the New York theme item page comments.

Caution: Be smart when using the Yellow Pencil plugin as you could break the theme’s functionality or responsiveness. When altering colors and fonts you shouldn’t ever have issues but be very careful when editing margins, paddings and element positions and test your site every time you make an edit to be sure you haven’t broken anything – resize your browser to test responsiveness as well.