Image Cropping Settings

This theme makes use of the native WordPress image sizing functions, however, none of the featured images used in this theme are cropped by default. This is to prevent extra image cropping on your site upon theme installation so you can set everything up exactly how you want and then run your image regenerating plugin of choice.

Simply browse to Appearance > Customize > Image Sizes to set your custom height and width cropping dimensions for all defined featured images.

Regenerating Thumbnails

In WordPress, whenever you install a new theme or you change any image size in your theme, you must regenerate your images to re-crop/resize them to your new dimensions. We recommend the following plugins (you don’t need them both, choose the one you like).

Image Sizes Used in the Demo

In our demo we use larger image cropping settings so that the pictures look crisp without having to enable a retina plugin. Since we use a very fast server this isn’t an issue. Below you can see the default image sizes from the demo. You can choose to use these sizes, but the size you choose depends mostly on the images you’ve personally uploaded and their native sizes, the proportions you want for your resized images as well as if you prefer quality over speed or the other way around. We can’t give you a “recommended” or “best” settings because there isn’t any since it’s so dependent on your own site images, needs and wants.

  • Entry: 1000×750
  • Single Post: 1000×750
  • Related Entries: 440×340
  • Pages: 9999×9999 (in other words no cropping)
  • Entry: 1000×750
  • Home Slider (Carousel): 590×400
  • Category/Tag Banner: 9999×9999 (in other words no cropping)

Enabling Retina Support

Retina support is not built-in because this is best done via a plugin and there are already some great ones out there. We recommend this one: