Homepage Carousel Setup

The homepage carousel slider is setup to display recent posts from your site. Browser to Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Home to define your options.


Image Sizes:

By default since the theme doesn’t have any image cropping in place your carousel may not look like the demo where all the images are perfectly aligned. So it’s important to setup your image sizes so that the carousel looks good. Please refer to the documentation page here.

After setting your image sizes it’s important to “regenerate” your images since in WordPress by default images aren’t cropped on demand. Also if you set a cropping size that doesn’t work for all images some may not look good still even after cropping. For example if you set the width to 600px but an image is only 300px it won’t be able to crop to 600 so it won’t look ideal and you would probably want to upload a large image for that post.

How To Disable?

To disable the carousel completely simply set the first option to “Disabled”.