Homepage Setup

Setting up your homepage is easy, since this theme utilizes a homepage template and built-in options so you can drag & drop to move your items around and or disable them completely.

Create Your Homepage

First, create a new page by going to Pages > Add New.

Give your page a name, and then select the Homepage template in the page attributes box.


Publish your page.

Then go to Settings > Reading to set your static Front Page to the homepage you just created.


Add Homepage Features

To add your homepage features, use the built-in Homepage Features custom post type.

Navigate to Home Features > Add New Item.


Then add the title and description that you would like displayed on your homepage. If you would like to link your feature to a post, page or external website paste the URL in the Post Settings box. If you would like to add an icon to your feature, use the Icon Font Class drop-down to select a FontAwesome icon from the list. Alternatively, you can add a featured image instead of an icon.


To reorder your features, use the Attributes box on to give an Order number to each feature (item 0 will be shown first, followed by your other items in ascending numerical order).

Publish your feature. The homepage template will automatically display your features on the homepage in the order they were added.


Add Homepage Slider

To add your homepage slider, use the built-in Homepage Slides custom post type.

Navigate to Home Slides > Add New Item.


Give your slide a title (this is for your purposes only, so you can identify your slides), and set a Featured Image to use as the background for your slide.

If you want to add text to your slide, add it using the visual editor. Use the editor options to style your text (Font Sizes, color picker, bold, italics, etc).


To link your slide to a post, page or external website paste the URL in the Post Settings URL field. From here you can also add a dark overlay to your slide background. Simply check the box to Enable Overlay, and then add your Overlay Opacity.


When you publish your slides, they will automatically be added to your homepage via the homepage template.


Adding Buttons

To add a button, first add your button text and add a link to your text.


Then use the Formats to select a Theme Button style.


Homepage Layout

You can reorder the homepage elements via the Theme Customizer.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize to open the Theme Customizer.


Then click on Homepage > Layout. From here you can drag & drop the various homepage elements to reorder them. If there is a section you’d like to exclude, simply click on the X to remove it from your homepage.


When you’re done, Save & Publish your changes.