v4.3.0 - February 18, 2017

Renamed "formats" folder to "template-parts" for WordPress consistency and so we can include more partial files for easier modifications and Customizer partial support. If you altered any of the theme's files via a child theme be sure to rename "formats" to "template-parts" in your child theme!

  • Added Option to enable Category/Tag descriptions
  • Added ABSPATH checks to partial files for added security
  • Added Unique classname to “link” at the bottom of the single format posts so it can be hidden with CSS if wanted
  • Added Post Message support for custom widgets
  • Updated Renamed “formats” folder to “template-parts”
  • Updated Cleaned up some code to comply with WP standards
  • Updated Renamed “functions” folder in theme to “inc”
  • Updated Font awesome script
  • Updated The plugin recommendation script and included it’s own language files so that it can be excluded from the theme’s .pot file
  • Updated Better registration of custom widgets so it’s easier to remove them via a child theme if you wish
  • Updated Migrated Custom CSS from the theme to the new WP custom CSS field.
  • Updated Included Zilla Likes Plugin and updated the heart icon to use a font icon instead of an image
  • Fixed Some WP theme check errors
  • Fixed Missing dynamic widget ID’s