Page Templates

This theme includes page templates that have each been styled and coded for different purposes. Below is a list of the various templates included.


Basic page that you can use to create just about anything (About, Contact, Mission, etc.)


Use this page to create your main blog page. Name the page whatever you’d like to use as the Title for your blog (Blog, News, Thoughts, Notes, etc.).


Use this page template to lust your events by date. Choose the order (ascending/descending) or hide past events using the Events tab in the Theme Options Panel.

Events Calendar

Add your events as a calendar. Each event title is displayed on the day(s) on which it occurs.


This page template displays your FAQs as a list of toggles.

FAQs – By Category

This page template displays your FAQs as toggles organized according to category.


This is a full width page with no sidebar.


Add a lovely portfolio for your galleries. The featured image for each gallery is displayed in a clean grid with pagination.

Gallery With Filter

Add a filterable portfolio using this template.


This page template is for your homepage. Homepage options can be set using the Home options tab in the Theme Options Panel.