v2.0 - Upcoming Changes

Note: This is a fairly big update so make sure to double check everything and clear all site cache after updating. If you have any issues or concerns please let us know. Additionally the "partials" folder in the theme has been renamed to "template-parts" so make sure you update this folder in your child theme if you have made any partial template file edits.

  • Added¬†Screen-reader text where appropriate
  • Updated FontAwesome to version 5+
  • Updated Theme core framework (meta class, customizer class, gallery metabox, etc)
  • Updated Renamed the partials folder to "template-parts" to keep consistency with other themes
  • Updated Back to top button design
  • Updated Increased blog 1 column entry and single post font size to 16px from default 14px (larger post font size is more popular now)
  • Fixed Envato theme checker notices
  • Fixed Vimeo button color in social profiles widget
  • Removed CSS reset that prevented browser focus effects for accessibility reasons